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Audiophiles' Ultimate Choice
Copyright Audio Mirror©2007
Tubadour- NOS DAC

Audio Mirror's new version of "TUBADOUR" DAC Mk-II

Here is our latest DAC which will satisfy even the most critical audiophiles with it's analog sound and features. This DAC plays all formats from 16 and 24 bit sources. It automatically switches to required format up to 192 kHz. It has optical, coaxial and USB inputs. Tubadour is a non oversampling asynchronous DAC based on the latest designs and technologies. The output stage is based on 6N1P tube - one of the best sounding triodes. Jitter is fed to minimum, because of the asynchronous design and ultra low ppm high precision clock. IV converter is passive, directly connected to the tube stage.

The fact that this DAC is asynchronous makes it immune to jitter. Most of USB DACs work in adaptive/synchronous mode. This means they try to adapt their master clock to the transfer speed of the computer. This adds more jitter to the signal. Tubadour makes computer to work in a slave mode, doesn't use computer clock at all and this way no jitter is added to the signal.

Many tube DACs and CD players on the market have their tube stages connected after a regular basic solid state IV converter and filtering circuit. Why use solid state at all?!

Tubadour DAC has two separate power supplies for the tube and the digital section. The Mk-II version has an upgraded tube stage.

This DAC is a result of a lot of work, trials and errors, a lot of listening tests and changes in the digital and analog circuits until we've been satisfied. The DAC sounds so good out of the box that even we've been surprised. Again this product has been designed from audiophile who trust not only to the calculations and knowledge, but to his own ears. Audio MIrror is proud with the sound this DAC produced. It is a ultimate choice for the audiophiles. Don't be fooled by the price. Tubadour outperforms DACs in a price range of 6~10k with ease. It is just not overpriced.

Custom modes and upgrades are available upon discussion.

Audio Mirror


Input frequencies: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192Khz

Asynchronous master clock with ultra low jitter

Non oversampling

Tube stage 1x 6N1P per channel

inputs: USB, optical and coaxial

THD: 102dB

20Hz-20Khz +/- 0.5dB

microcontroller operated

dimensions: 11"x14"x2.5"

output: 1.2v unbalanced

MSRP $1499.00